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Acceptable Use Policy

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Acceptable Use Policy

NOTE:   Certain premium services may be offered in exchange for registering with the site. reserves the right to change or remove the premium content without notice.

In this site, the term HEADQUARTERS or HQ refers to the office. MISSION CONTROL refers to the site developer,, LLC. has created the following Acceptable Use Policy governing usage of the Site. Please familiarize yourself with this policy.

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy is subject to change, in part or in whole, without notice. Usage of the site signifies your acceptance of this policy and that you agree to adhere to all terms and conditions within.

The World Famous Jerry Douglas Forum

The World Famous Jerry Douglas Forum (Bulletin Board) is for entertainment (and maybe some educational) purposes only. Minors under the age of 18 may not participate in the board without parental permission.

Anyone may read the bulletin board but posting on the bulletin board may only be done by registered users.

"Flaming" on the bulletin board is prohibited. Frustrations are respectfully requested to be addressed elsewhere. Headquarters requests you be polite, respectful of others, tolerant of others and their points of view, and that you be kind.  Simply put,  be nice or go home.

Posting of profanity is prohibited. HQ has a rigid definition of profanity. Those who are discerned to be violators of this policy are subject to swift removal from the board and to loss of privileges.

The posting of personally identifying e-mail addresses, phone numbers, full names, addresses, etc. is not a good practice and is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

The Bulletin Board offers the option of sending and receiving Private Messages. You may turn off private messaging in your Member Preferences in the Member Center.

Anyone abusing the Private Messaging option will be removed from the system, possibly flogged, and banished to a place very unpleasant. Mission Control worked very hard to develop the messaging system and there would be bruised egos and you just don't want to have to deal with that. Don't abuse PMs.

The bulletin board area of this site has been, and will remain to be, a forum for discussions of and conversations regarding various performances, recordings, products, instruments, music, and gear as they pertain to Jerry Douglas.

This Bulletin Board is owned by Jerry Douglas. Discussions of music, artists, instruments, events, etc. that are deemed too far off the topic of Jerry Douglas are subject to deletion, without warning.

Posting messages intended as or inferred to be advertisements for products, people or services is inappropriate and will not be allowed. Merchants may advertise on this site for an advertising fee. . Ad rates are available by contacting

"Headquarters" has the right and ability to remove any posting deemed inappropriate. The decision of HQ regarding this site is final. Mission Control also has this ability. Follow HQ's advice to "be nice or go home" and we will all be fine.

Those in violation of these policies may receive a warning or may have their BB access revoked at the discretion of Headquarters or Mission Control, without waning or notice. That revocation is final and, in most cases, permanent. Abuse or aggravation after termination, including attempts to rejoin under a different email address, will be considered as attempted security breaches and will be dealt with in accordance the policies of

The bulletin board is a place of relaxation and enjoyment. Please strive to preserve the atmosphere.


The music and/or video supplied through the site are strictly for your enjoyment. You may not copy, decode, record, download, reproduce or otherwise take this content to store on your computer or media player or record to any media. DOING SO IS A VIOLATION OF COPYRIGHT LAW.

Under certain circumstances and at certain times, MAY provide downloadable music, however, such music will clearly be identified.

No recording, broadcasting, or taping of any kind is permitted at Jerry Douglas performances or workshops. This includes personal taping from the soundboard, video taping, or audio taping in any manner. All such equipment will be confiscated until the end of the show and the tape or disc destroyed unless specifically authorized by Headquarters or Management.


Please Note: The show may be stopped due to taping from audience.


The site is hosted in a professional data environment and certain security systems are operating that detect abuse of the site and server. Unauthorized access or attempts to access any information within the site or any of the databases of the site will be considered as attempted security breaches, which is a violation of law, and will be dealt with in accordance the policies of

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