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07/25/2012  AKUS Europe 2012, volume 2 Oslo  V. 2
07/19/2012  AKUS Summer Tour of Europe and UK Telluride   Tour!
07/15/2011  Summer 2011, v 1 Louisville, Telluride, Davis, & points between  AKUS Tour, Bonnaroo, Telluride Bluegrass Festival
02/28/2011  Celtic Connections Tour Glasgow, Dublin, various English cities  On the Road
01/31/2011  JD, Bap Kennedy, Mark Knopfler London  Recording
01/22/2011  JD Goes to Scotland Nashville, Newark, Glasgow  Travel day, day 1
09/04/2010  Installment 7, Finale Various  Elvis Costello Tour
07/30/2010  Installment 6 Montreux, Tivoli, Rome, Corsica  Elvis Costello Tour
07/20/2010  Installment 5 Vienne, Bruges, Rotterdam, Montreux  Elvis Costello Tour
10  07/08/2010  Installment 4 Copenhagen  Elvis Costello Tour
11  07/04/2010  Installment 3 Glasgow  Elvis Costello Tour
12  07/03/2010  Installment 2 Liverpool & Gateshead, England  Elvis Costello Tour
13  07/02/2010  The Travels of Mr. Jerry, Telluride, Colorado  2010 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, Elvis Costello tour
14  03/30/2010  Jerry Christmas Tour, Various  Touring during the 2009 holiday season
15  10/29/2009  Infrequently Asked Questions, by RS Field Music CIty  First entry in an intended series of questions and answers

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Jerry Douglas - Traveler
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