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Frequently Asked Questions


I really like that Hawaiian guitar that Jerry plays. What is it? {-}
Jerry Douglas plays a Weissenborn Style 1, a wall-hanger in its previous life. He tunes it to open D (D A D F# A D) and uses D'Addario phosphor bronze strings with gauges of .014, .017. .026, .036, .045, and .056. The guitar is never tuned above open D.

What microphones do you use for recording? {-}
I use a Neumann M149, and Neumann U67, and a Royer R122 (active ribbon mic).

What microphone do you use for live performances? {-}
I use a Shure KM32.

Does Jerry uses both the Fishman Pro EQ and a really good live mic to get that sound he gets while playing live? {-}
Yes, I use the Fishman DI, and the Platinum EQ. I use a Shure KSM32 microphone, but have recently added a Fishman Aura to my effects line. Google Fishman and check out the Aura online. I am currently in the process of changing the pickup though, and supplying them with better images that will available in their online store in the near future.

What pickup do you use in your guitars? {-}
A Fishman Resophonic Guitar Pickup.

What kind of straps does Jerry use? {-}
" My straps are Bobby Poffs. Paul Beard has the good Webb straps on his website, Resophonic Outfitters. I've also heard about Levi Straps being good. I have one somewhere but can't put my hands on it right now".

I was wondering what brand of dobro Jerry was playing in the Bluegrass Journey documentary? I think it was taped at the Grey Fox festival in NY in 2003. He was playing with Chris Thile both instances with the same dobro in question. {-}
The guitar Jerry played in the Bluegrass Journey footage is an L body Scheerhorn.


Who is Jerry Douglas? {-}
Click bio on the site navigator.

Where is Jerry from? {-}
He was born in Warren, Ohio on May 28, 1956.

Who are the members of Alison Krauss and Union Station? {-}
Alison Krauss and Union Station, a.k.a. AKUSfJD* Alison Krauss, Barry Bales, Ron Block, Dan Tyminski, and Jerry Douglas Jerry has been a featured member of this band since 1998. *featuring Jerry Douglas

Who are some of Jerry's biggest musical influences? {-}
Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, John Douglas, Eric Clapton, Earl Scruggs, Josh Graves, Albert Lee, Tony Rice, Mike Auldridge, and James Taylor. Also, El Shankar, Sonny Landreth, Derek Trucks, John Fogerty, and Erroll Garner.

Where can I learn to play the dobro? {-}
The DVD version of Jerry Douglas' Dobro Techniques is available from the Store at An easy reference would be the Stacy Phillips tablature books.


Does Jerry give lessons? {-}
No, but you can pick up "Jerry Douglas' Dobro Techniques" DVD from the JD Store on this web site.

Is there tablature of Jerry's music available? {-}
Jerry has no tab available at the moment, but there is a book in the works. Really. Updated information will be posted when publishing details are set. Jerry does have an instructional DVD available at the Jerry Douglas Store. On and there are a few songs available. You could also check out Stacy Phillips' web page for a selection of instructional books.


What is Jerry's most recent recording? {-}
Jerry released two very special projects in 2014, Three Bells with the late Mike Auldridge and Rob Ickes, and The Earls of Leicester, an all-star band, punningly named for Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt, whose popular and pioneering bluegrass inspired every one of the musicians here paying them tribute.

Where can I buy Jerry's CDs? {-}
Visit the Store at for the most complete selection of Jerry's own work. Several of Jerry's early titles are now out of print. FLUXEDO and FLUXOLOGY, Rounder titles of Jerry's first two releases, are out of print, but have been compiled and released as EVERYTHING'S GONNA WORK OUT FINE. UNDER the WIRE, CHANGING CHANNELS, and PLANT EARLY from Jerry's days on the MCA Master Series label are sometimes found on eBay. Go to the discography page of the website for other projects on which Jerry has played. Under the pull down menu that says 'search albums by artist', you will find all sorts of CDs that Jerry has played on from his solo work to projects he has graced as a supporting musician.

From what recording is Grant's Corner and where can I find it? {-}
Grant's Corner is a track from Jerry's 1985 release Under The Wire. Originally issued on MCA's Master's Series label, the recording is now out of print.

I recently heard Jerry playing "Little Martha" on my Sirius Radio. I was wondering what album this is from and what tuning he uses for this song. {-}
The tuning for "Little Martha" is DAF#DAD. You can find it on the Sugar Hill recording "LOOKOUT FOR HOPE".


What tunings do you use? {-}
I use open G (DBGDBG) and open D (DAF#DAD). Also I use E tuned up to D (EBAbEBE) and drop G to F (CAFCAF)

For the beautiful song, Senia's Lament, what tuning is used? {-}
Jerry's tuning for Senia's Lament is in "D". Low to high: D A D F# A D

Is there an advantage in the D A D F# A D tuning over the common more G B D G B D? {-}
I still use the G tuning for most songs. Sometimes the D tuning gives me a better angle on covering the lead and accompanyment in a solo setting, because of the hi and low D's. Other than that there are no advantages to the D.

I am curious as to what tuning Jerry's resonator is in for the Paul Simon cover of "Graceland" done with Alison Krauss. {-}
For this song Jerry used open low C tuning. You can hear Jerry and Alison, joined by Shawn Colvin, paying tribute to Paul Simon with their version of Graceland on the DVD Paul Simon and Friends, available in Jerry's Discography section of this site. The DVD is from 2007's concert in Washington, DC, where Simon, one of the world's greatest songwriters and musicians, was honored by The Library of Congress as the first recipient of the annual Gershwin Prize for Popular Song.

What tuning does Jerry use for Little Martha? {-}
The tuning for "Little Martha" is DAF#DAD.

I stumbled across Jerry's performance of Siena's Lament in Scotland in 2007 on Youtube. It is a truly beautiful song. Could you please tell me who wrote the song and what was the open tuning of Jerry's Dobro? {-}
Senia's Lament is a Jerry Douglas composition, written for his wife. His tuning is in "D" . Low to high: D A D F# A D

What strings do you use? {-}
I mostly use D'Addario EXP42 Phosphor's for Resophonic guitar and to a limited extent, D'Addario J-42s.

What gauges of strings do you prefer? {-}
I use D'Addario EXP's gauges .016, .018, .028, .036, .045, and .056.

Why those particular gauges? {-}
Judged by footpounds, this is an evenly spread downward weight tranfer to the cone.

Jerry, what about using a heavy first string? {-}
I do not like using anything heavier than .016 for the first string. Heavier = more thud Thud = less tone

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